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Tax Deduction Receipt Given On-The-Spot
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Any Make, Model or Condition

An IRS Recognized Charity

Your donations make
it possible for The Tree of Life
to deliver hot and cold food
to the hungry.

Know that when you see one of our many Food On Wheels
trucks on the roads throughout
the tri-state area, that your donation made a difference
in someone's life.

In exchange for your vehicle, you are eligible to
receive a guaranteed tax deduction of $500 from the IRS.
This is not dependent on the condition of the vehicle.

If the car can be sold for more than $500
it will be sent to a certified car auction. If the vehicle is sold, you will receive an additional tax deduction within 7-10 days.

The Tree of Life will provide you with the bill of sale
from the certified auction house verifying the selling price and an
addition IRS tax deduction receipt

Protective of our donors

Up until two years ago tax deductions for donated vehicles were based upon the current retail value of the vehicle. For vehicles under $5,000 in value, this was obtained from the Kelly Auto Blue Book.

If you see an ad for deductions at Blue Book Value
The IRS no longer recognizes this calculation and red flags the donor,
not the charity for an audit.

Don't Just Make a Donation... Make A Difference!
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